Vitanza Creations' Mummers Umbrellas Featured at the Mummers Against Cancer Annual Benefit

For the past three years we have been showcasing our Mummer Umbrella designs at the annual Mummers Against Cancer annual benefits. This is something that we take great pride in doing every year and look forward in partnering with this great organization for many years to come.

For those who are not familiar with them, Mummers Against Cancer raises money to help financially strapped Mummers or their immediate family members who are battling cancer. For more information about them you can visit them on the web at or you can look them up on Facebook at

Here's a behind the scenes look into the process on just how our beautiful designs for their event comes to life.

As you can see a lot of changes go into these one-of-a-kind works of art.

Our Mummer Umbrella Workshop is already putting together ideas for next year's event. We're going to leave you with a little preview for next year that we are working on lets just say for one umbrella we plan to #turnoffthecolor.

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